Web Based Solutions

Overview has placed a great deal of emphasis on developing their own web solution in recent times. The system we have created provides a one stop solution for managing networks and benefits from always being up to date as it can be with reference to the underlying data and postal information.

As it is developed completely in house we have the ability to make changes as and when required, taking requests and suggestions from clients to constantly improve the functionality and capabilities of the site. Users of the site are able in the first instance to choose a package relating to the level of functionality they require in order to create a bespoke but cost effective solution. The site can be utilised by both new franchisors, whom will benefit for the ability to build territory networks from scratch and also by established franchisors whom can manage their territories, evaluate franchise performance and even plot potential customers or historical data for greater analysis.

All web system users benefit from having the ability to have unlimited sub accounts where both functionality and geography can be restricted if required for each login. Further benefits include the ability to colour territories based on important parameters, labelling territories with additional information, searching individual postcodes to highlight the territory covered and access to the most recent postal boundaries and demographic/business figures to ensure optimal territory creation/management.

Ideal for clients who:
  • Wish to have the tools to do the territory division themselves
  • Have developed a network and wish to look at varying scenarios for territory adjustments
  • Want to allocate different values against territories or level geography to assist with evaluating franchisee performance or to focus marketing efforts
  • Make territory changes very quickly and produce maps and reports immediately
  • Need to keep up to date with the most recent postal boundaries and available demographic and business information
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Pricing Table

Starter Starter Plus Intermediate Intermediate Plus Advanced
Territory Tab
Point Tab
Postal Tab
Territory – Selection & Search
Territory – Demographics
Territory – New & Edit Territories
Territory – Manage Data
Territory – Secondary Label
Points – Selection & Search
Points – New & Edit Points
Points – Manage Data
Points – Export List
Postal – Selection & Search
Demographics – Selection & Search
Postal – Manage Data
Postal – Export List
Map Mode
Label Visibility
Territory Search
Full Screen
Printing of Maps
Web Services
Bespoke Report
User Manager
Info Info Info Info Info